Monday, October 27

1.30-2.40pm –  UH Mānoa Tongan language students will hold class and have discussions on Tongans in the arts – with Professor Amelia Pasi and Lee Kava


Work featuring in the Commons Gallery today includes:

Screen 1Documentary and Short video work


 Dan Taulapapa McMullin (2014). 100 Tiki Notes. (6:50)

 Lisa Reihana (1991). Tauira. (5:50)

 Moana Nepia (2009). Maungauika Trilogy. (5:00)

 Moana Nepia (2010). Whero 1. (10:00)

 Lisa Reihana (1996). Hyper Girls. (3:15)

Marie-Hélène Villierme (2006) The Paths of Creation. (59:00)

‘The Paths of Creation’ is a documentary from award winning Tahitian film maker, Marie-Hélène Villierme, featuring dancers, musicians and artists in preparation for the annual Heiva, Polynesian dance competition in Tahiti. This work was selected for FIFO – Tahiti, in 2007,  and was a finalist at the 2009 ‘Présence autochtone’ in Montréal.

Screen 2 Vaka – The Birth of a Seer (2012) (60:00)

Director/Writer / Choreographer: Peter Rockford Espiritu

Musical Director / Original songs and music: Iglese Ete

Executive Producer and Concept Advisor: Vilsoni Hereniko

University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji, 2012.

‘Vaka: The Birth of a Seer’ focuses on voyaging, and weaves together knowledge of drua (double-hulled canoe) culture into an Oceanian music dance-drama inspired by the past but relevant to the present.

Screen 3Under a Jarvis Moon (2010) (56:00)

Directors: Noelle Kahanu & Heather Giugni

Editor: Lisa Altieri

Producers: Noelle Kahanu, Heather Giugni, Lisa Altieri

The Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai‘i

‘Under a Jarvis Moon’ is a documentary telling the story of young, mostly native Hawaiians who were involved in the settlement and US colonization of previously uninhabited Pacific Islands.

Moana Nepia (2002). Squares within Squares. Feathers, acrylic, canvas, 180 x 180 cm.


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